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Netapp Perfstat Analysis Tool Download \/\/TOP\\\\

Just out of curiousity, what particular performance data are you looking for? We've gone down the perfstat gather path many times and honestly we've only found it useful when we're doing a correlation analysis of something like an Oracle AWR output against the NetApp perfstat. If we're just digging into how things are performing, we've actually had more luck using OCPM to tell us where our high water marks are (in terms of IOPs/latency/etc) and then just do a combination of sysstat and statit commands during the problem periods. Our most recent case involved gathering lots and lots of perfstats (along with various statit gathers) but the TSE came back and used the statit data to sleuth out what the issue was (long running raid-scrubs in that case).

Netapp Perfstat Analysis Tool Download


@paul_stejskal , I was simply rebuilding our NetApp management server. Our previous one had lots of NetApp tools including perfstat. I was originally going to install the updated version on the new server but saw the note about it being discontinued, and wanted to see if there was a new one to install.

Step one in this process will be actually collect a perfstat of when the problem is occurring. You will need to download the perfstat executable from to get started. If you need help finding it on the site, let me know and I will try to post a direct link. After you have downloaded the perfstat executable, you can start collecting your performance information by typing something like: perfstat -f [hostname] -t 5 -i 1,6 -l [username]:[password] > C:\perfstat.out

After you have obtained your perfstat you can open it with a text editor. I prefer to use something like TextPad, which can be downloaded at, since it can open these perfstat files almost instantly.

Another tool is PrefStat. This is a tool that you run on your system that will gather lots of information, including performance details. NetApp also has other tools available just to the internal staff and partners. Because those tools are available if you are working with NetApp or one of their partners, they will be able to do a more detailed analysis of performance for you.

If you cannot resolve a performance problem by using the systat, stats, status, netstat, or ifstat commands, then you may need to download the perfstat command from the NOW online support and services site., a Perl script that lists the most active NFS clients. The script is run on a client system. The script can be downloaded from the NOW online support and services site at the following location:

We are now at the final part in this installation series. In this tutorial we will be connecting to the SecurePlatform HTTPS web server, downloading the Management tools, installing the management tools and connecting to the gateway.


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