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On 31 July 2005, Pratchett criticised media coverage of the Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, commenting that certain members of the media seemed to think that "the continued elevation of J. K. Rowling can be achieved only at the expense of other writers".[152] Pratchett later denied claims that this was a swipe at Rowling, and said that he was not making claims of plagiarism, but was pointing out the "shared heritage" of the fantasy genre.[153] Pratchett also posted on the Harry Potter newsgroup about a media-covered exchange of views with her.[154]

bra v cro - ET - Pens if any - bbc.mp4.mp4

Pratchett's earliest Discworld novels were written largely to parody classic sword-and-sorcery fiction (and occasionally science fiction);[157] as the series progressed, Pratchett dispensed with parody almost entirely, and the Discworld series evolved into straightforward (though still comedic) satire.[158] 041b061a72


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